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All I Want For Christmas...

"Now, if you don't go to sleep Santa will never come."

"Ok Mommy."

"Good night, Sweetheart."

"Good night", replied Tommy as his mother turned out the light and closed his bedroom door.

The snow was falling gently outside his window, leaving a soft blanket of white powder. Tommy pulled the covers a little tighter as he continued to stare out the window. The lights he helped his Daddy string up on the roof blinked on-an-off casting a rainbow of colors into his room. He looked over at the clock that sat on his dresser, 10:13. He could hear his parents were still downstairs, still entertaining friends. He turned back to the window.

Watching the snow fall was so peaceful, so relaxing. His eyes started to get heavy. He sank deeper into the covers. Just as he was about to fall asleep the sky lit up, bright green and there was a loud *CLAP* and then an orange sparkler fell to the ground. I looked like it fell just a few blocks away. There always was someone shooting firecrackers off on Christmas...



Tommy blinked his eyes open. It was still dark, save for the blinking lights on the roof. It had stopped snowing. He looked over at the clock and saw that it was just approaching Midnight.



Santa Claus! Tommy threw his blankets off and hopped out of bed. He quickly opened his door and bolted downstairs.


There it was again, it must be him, Santa Claus. Tommy couldn’t wait to see what Santa had brought him. Hopefully Santa had remembered to bring him that sled he'd been asking for all year long. Tommy had been dreaming of riding it when he had been woken up.

Tommy rounded the corner off the hall in to the living room expecting to see a kindly old fat man all dressed in red placing presents under the tree. But there was no one there. No presents, other than the ones his parents had put there. And the glass of milk and cookies Tommy had left sitting by the tree were just as they were earlier that night. No one had touched them. But if Santa wasn't here then what was that...


There it was again. What was making that noise?


It was not coming from the roof, as Tommy had first thought. It sounded like it was coming from outside, in the yard. There must be something banging against the side of the house.

Tommy was a little scared as he approached the window. Whatever it was was getting louder.

The curtains were drawn so Tommy crept over to the pulls. He started to open the curtains when he heard something new outside. Sounded like a whine or a moan.


Maybe there had been an accident out on the road. Maybe an animal had been hit and was in their front yard. Maybe it needed help.

Tommy pulled hard on the cord and the curtains parted.

There was nothing there.

The snow in the yard turned colors as the lights blinked of and on. Tommy moved closer to the window. There must have been something outside. He got close and pressed his face against the glass. The next few moments all seemed to happen in a blur.

A dark figure slumped against the glass. It was a man. He was moving slowly. He raised a hand against the glass.


His hand smeared red liquid against he glass. He continued to beat against at the glass as Tommy backed away.


The dark figure stumbled in to the room through the window. Tommy tripped back over the toy train he and his father had set up on the floor.


It was Old Mister Jenkins from down the street! But he looked strange. His eyes were dull and lifeless. He was covered in blood and his clothes were torn. As he stepped into the house Tommy noticed there were other figures in the yard, approaching the house.


Tommy scrambled back across the floor as several more creatures came in through the living room.


"TOMMY!" cried his mother as his parents ran down the stairs.

Tommy ran to her as his father ran to the fireplace and grabbed one of the pokers. He swung it hard at Old Mister Jenkins, striking him hard in the shoulder. Old Mister Jenkins caught a hold of the poker and pulled Tommy's father towards him. He opened his mouth and lunged for Tommy's Father's shoulder. He sunk his teeth in and took a bite.


Tommy pulled away from his Mother and ran towards his Father. He started beating at Old Mister Jenkins. His Mother came up and tried to help Tommy's Father, he was bleeding everywhere. More of the things had entered the room. Tommy's Father fell to his knees. His Mother started to cry. Tommy was scared but didn't know what do.


"Get the FUCK away from them you Goddamn Sons of Bitches!"

Tommy turned to see a Large, Bearded Fat Man all dressed in red standing in his living room, holding a shotgun. He had several belts of ammunition and grenades slung over his shoulders and around his, rather large, waist there were even more guns.


The creatures had started to come in through the other doors and windows. The Large, Bearded Fat Man unloaded his shotgun at them.


Bits of bone and flesh and blood splattered across the room and onto the walls. Tommy's mother tried to hold his head down and protect him from the gore. The Large, Bearded Fat Man popped open the gun, ejecting the spent cartridges, loaded more rounds and spun the gun in front of him, cocking it. Tommy closed his eyes, tight.


When the noise ended Tommy opened his eyes again. There were bodies and guts everywhere. Pools of blood were soaking in to the cream carpet. Tommy looked over at his Father and started to cry. He was bleeding a lot and Tommy's Mother was pressing her hands into the wound to try and stop the flow. The Large, Bearded Fat Man went to check the perimeter of the house for more creatures. He tossed several grenades out the windows to blow up the remaining creatures in the yard. When he was sure there were no more he came back.

"Did he get bit?" asked the Large, Bearded Fat Man.

"Yeah" replied Tommy's Father.

"I'm sorry son, but everyone I've seen get bit, ends up like one of those things. There's only thing for it. I'm sorry."


Tommy's Father's body fell limp and lifeless to the floor. His head was blown half-off.

"Noooo!" cried Tommy.

His Mother fainted.

"I'm sorry son. It had to be done. There was no other choice" said the Large, Bearded Fat Man.

"Take this, just in case." He then handed Tommy a small handgun and a belt of ammunition.


The Large, Bearded Fat Man, downed the glass of milk and cookies that Tommy had sat by the tree.

"Oh, I almost forgot something" said the Large, Bearded Fat Man. He reached in to a large red bag that he had brought in with him and pulled out a bright, shinny new sled with a big green bow on it.

"Merry Christmas, Son"

With that the Large, Bearded Fat Man wrinkled his nose and in a flash of light, disappeared up the chimney...

Tommy's Mother awoke not long after the Large, Bearded Fat Man had gone.

No more of those creatures came that night. Eventually the police arrived and claimed the body of Tommy's Father. They asked who had given him the gun and Tommy told them about the Large, Bearded Fat Man. They said they had been getting other reports of someone matching the description of the Large, Bearded Fat Man helping families that night. They helped Tommy and his Mother board up the house, just in case.

The next morning, as Tommy's Mother made calls preparing for the funeral of her husband, Tommy took his new sled out in to the yard and played in the freshly fallen, red snow.

Needless to say it was a Christmas that Tommy would never forget.

The End.



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Dec. 26th, 2006 09:09 am (UTC)
Can I request this being made into a short film? Please? It REALLY needs to be made into a film.
Dec. 26th, 2006 09:05 pm (UTC)
awwh... i feel all warm an' fuzzy inside.
Dec. 27th, 2006 07:52 am (UTC)
Yeah --- I wish the Large, Bearded Fat Man had brought me a gun!
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